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  Ebony & Ivory - Oil - Acrylic - Graphite - Water Color   (comparison)

"Where pet portraits come to life!"


Ebony & Ivory Series - Now starting at $75.00


About TM  is a Christian business that started after Cassandra, having rarely drawn since her high school years, began sketching her two Shelties.  Upon hearing the many wonderful comments on her portraits, she decided to offer her artwork not only to friends, but to the general public. TM was born.

In September of 1999 Cassandra's popularity truly began to blossom.  Her artwork has been commissioned by pet lovers from all around the country.  Many of her clients have placed repeat orders.  Even more recently, she became multi-nationally recognized with her first portrait commissioned from the U.K. followed by Australia commissions. 

Cassandra is truly a unique artist with an exceptional talent for capturing pet personality in her creations.  I think you will agree after one visit to the gallery.

 ... and introducing the artist 

Cassandra Whitlock


Hi!  My name is Cassandra Whitlock, Cas for short.  God has graciously blessed me with a talent for drawing along with a great love for animals.  So, I have combined these two blessings into TM.  God has also given me a tender heart for homeless animals.  My two Shelties, Zazhu and Brodie, are both rescue dogs.  If you are searching for a pet I encourage you to try our Rescue Portal area.  

Both Zazhu and Brodie are featured in the Gallery along with many of my other portraits.  I invite you to take a peek.  Dustin and Sketch, our third and fourth Shelties were not  rescues, but  beauties none the less.

We have great expansion plans for TM , including an ever expanding rescue portal.

I also want to mention that we do reward referrals so check out the opportunity afforded by PetSketch Points on the Win-Win page.


Mission Statement

The mission of TM is to lead people to Christ, be a blessing through my God-given talents, have fun doing it, and to operate a business that exemplifies Christian ethics. 

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