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  Ebony & Ivory - Oil - Acrylic - Graphite - Water Color   (comparison)

"Where pet portraits come to life!"


Ebony & Ivory Series - Now starting at $75.00

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This is what it's all about!  No fortune or fame could ever replace the joy received when I read these testimonials .....

Christmas 2012 - Hi Cas - Wanted to let you know my sister in law was thrilled when she opened her gift.  She actually cried when she really saw the details in the sketch and absolutely loved it.  I forwarded her your business card but did keep the little post card of the sketch for myself.  She said it was the best birthday gift she has ever received! Thank you again!!

"Skyler's portrait came today and I beat the postman to the door. LOL It's even more beautiful than I anticipated.  The ebony and ivory format is simply perfect for someone, like me, who wants a unique and economical means of seeing their beloved pet in art."
"I'm sitting here looking at my Zak.  What you can do with your heart and hands before the Lord is amazing.  It's so real it brings tears to my eyes each time I glance its way."
"Once again, thank you so much. Words really can't express the gratitude that I feel. This was so important to me, to my family, and in a way I feel as though Molly's memory has been preserved a little bit more because of you."
"Again thank you, I am so glad that out of all the other artists that I looked at I chose you, I made the right decision."
"I can't tell you what it means to me that you did this. The picture is absolutely beautiful, it literally brought tears to my eyes. My students wanted to know why I was crying."
"Hey Cas...just wanted to drop you a note to again thank you for Bailey's fabulous rendering!  I just picked up the finished product from the looks JUST like her!!!  :o)))   I am so pleased!"
"Just wanted to let you know that we had to put Buddy down last week. He was very ill. BUT I needed to tell you how much your portrait has helped. I am so glad I had it done. Even my husband will stand and look at it and say how well you captured him and his personality."
"The most minute detail, [i.e., number and separation of hair strands, in the picture] are captured in the portraiture..."
"I have spent the last half hour walking from one corner of the room to the other, and I swear Killer's eyes follow me as I walk.  God Blessed you with a talent given to chosen few, Cassandra.  May He continue to guide your hands, and your heart."
"It's him! He's beautiful and at the same time different from any other sheltie. Don't you think? I love it! It is so much like him, it's scary. His ears are perfect. You did a great job, I can't wait to show Kenny."
"You have captured our sweet Belle perfectly!  We love it!  What a great job you did.  Thank you, thank you!!  Will her picture be on your web site?  I can't wait for the other members of NVSR to see it." 
"It takes my breath away that you can capture the exact look and feelings that the puppies have!  Deja is beautiful!  They are going to be so excited....  Your work is truly amazing!  Thank you again and again!  
"It's gorgeous!  I cannot believe the "Raider" look I see when I look at his head - you captured it in so much detail!  Wow!!!!!  Wow!!!!!"
"Even though this is like a job for you, and you must hear this often, I feel like you bring back my pets that have left my life.  I really appreciate it, and am very grateful that I found you.  Thank you so much Cas!!"
"It looks great!!!!!!!!!  I can't believe how it looks so much like the picture.  My husband really likes it too.  It was for his birthday.  I'll be sure to tell all my friends about you!  Thank you for doing such a great job."
"What can I say?  I certainly wasn't expecting to see that!  It took my breath away and I haven't stopped smiling since!  You have such a special talent!  I still can't believe it!  It is better than any photo I have!  I will treasure it forever!  Thank you so much!  They both look amazing!  You'll have me smiling for the rest of the week!" 
"It came, I have my beautiful picture of Piper.  IT'S GORGEOUS, CAS.  It's as if he walked right back into my living room last night."
"I am so tickled with it I have tears in my eyes. It is my birthday present from Spencer and I couldn't have asked for anything better."
"It's gorgeous, you captured her likeness perfectly.  Thank you for the prompt service and for updating me on the progress ........ I will treasure it always ..."
"Totally AWESOME!  Cas, it's fabulous!  We love it."
"The layout is just perfect. I love the sizing and the proportions. You captured them so well--the sweet, serious Bentley, the playful, elegant Parker, and my most precious angel Scooter."
"I received the package today of Mac's portrait. I love it! You did a great job."
"He loved it of course.....first said "WOW" and then "AWESOME" and then "Who did this??" he also realized why I was teasing about "the original one" he LOVES it...he was telling everyone who called to wish him happy B-day all about it :-)" 
"It is WONDERFUL or as Alex said when he saw it "it is awesome!!"  I am so very pleased and the matting is perfect as well."
"It is beautiful....words cannot describe how great a gift that was!"
"That picture of Pippen is UNBELIEVABLE.  It's more than just a sketch of a dog it really captures his look and personality.  I can't get over it."
"You really captured the way he always sits and looks at me with such adoration and love.  This picture is a real keepsake."
"Merry Christmas and thank you for being part of one of the best Christmas presents I have ever received...."
"I am overwhelmed and speechless...and the tears just keep coming and coming.  This truly is the most wonderful gift I have ever received at Christmas and I am touched to the very depths of my being."
"It's so beautiful. I'm going to scrap the idea of using the frame and mat that I bought, and get it professionally framed instead.  It looked good on the website, but it doesn't do it full justice!"
"The guy at the frame shop now has your name and email address because he was so impressed with your work.  Anyhow, I just wanted you to know how thrilled I was with everything."  
"What a beautiful portrait! God has surely blessed you with a great gift
of talent!"
"Cassandra, I got the portrait today.  I'm still teary eyed.  Thank you so
much.  Mere words will never be able to thank you enough."
"... it was like seeing her alive again, and experiencing my childhood memories all over again."
"It was the most wonderful gift I have ever received!"
"I just went to your website to see Jake's portrait - I inadvertently yelled loudly, "that's my baby!!!".  I am absolutely thrilled with it. You captured him perfectly - he looks like the loving dog that he is."
"What an outstanding job you did. I cannot thank you enough."
"... they are all beautiful :) I really love the one titled "Champ."  I can't wait to see them in the next book."
"The picture is really good! In fact, I broke down & showed it to my husband! I decided not to wait so that we could enjoy it these extra months before Christmas."
"WOW!!   I am impressed ...  I love the sketch of Jake. It looks exactly like the picture."
"I'm speechless. I want to tell you so much. That's Niki. Captured perfectly. I didn't know how good you are.  I guess you have to have your own dog drawn to know how good you really are." 
"He repeatedly said how life-like the portrait was, and how he just wanted to reach out and stroke her, and again, this is so wonderful when you know my Father like I do ..."
"That's it! - You did it!  That's the girl we come home to each night.  You found the soft loving playful side of her without having it captured on film for you.  I cannot thank you enough. "
"You are a GENIUS!  I cannot wait to show my husband, but I must must hold off until Christmas.  I doubt I can though.  Oh what the heck - I'm going to show him right now. ... He LOVES it!  I tried to call you but you weren't in.  LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!!"
"I cannot tell you how gorgeous she looks...Betty really looks alive and I know that Don will love it...Thank you so much for such a beautiful job..."
"What a lovely likeness of little Shuqi (I hope Bear and Toby won't be too jealous) --"
"It is the second most beautiful thing I've ever seen (Molly being the first).....Thank you very, very, very much." 
"It's perfect! You do such wonderful work! Thanks so much for getting this done
for a holiday gift. My husband will love it!"

"They all loved it and think you are very gifted!  Everyone thinks you've perfectly captured Jody's character and expression."

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