Joni H. & Suzy

Cas rendered an 11x14 painting of my baby girl, Suzy, which captured everything that I loved about the photo. I love it & am so grateful that Cas is so talented and great to work with! <3

Linda Greiner.jpg

Linda G.

I have your beautiful portrait hanging in the dining room near the back door. I can see it from the kitchen, from the living room and it’s right there “looking at me” every time I let the fur kids out. You captured her expression, personality..... everything about my little girl. I’ll always treasure it :)


Pam K.

I have long admired Cassandra Whitlock’s artwork, and eventually had the opportunity to obtain my own precious piece of art by Cass. 

The painting of our Champion Jakob has captured his essence and his beauty! This gorgeous painting is displayed proudly in a prominent place in our home and receives constant compliments!

Patricia A.jpg

Patricia A.

Not only did you capture the true essence of my beloved “Lalla” but also every single detail. Every line of her fur… her little precious curls. I wanted to just reach into this portrait and feel my baby once again for I miss her so. Thank you for giving me this invaluable gift. She lives on forever in my heart even MORE because of it.

Sandra Duckwitz.jpg

Sandy D.

Bruce and I wish to say thank you for your wonderful renditions of our Zak, Misa and Tootie. You bought them back to life for us. You captured them so beautifully. It’s amazing to us, this gift that God has given you.... May God richly bless you as you bring such joy into the hearts of those who’ve lost one of their “fur kids”....Again, thank you!